Adorable headband or necklace – you choose!

Okay, we’re ready to start our Facebook contests!  (The last one was just a practice :) This week’s Facebook prize is EITHER one of these fun and funky headbands by Three Peas in a Pod Photography,

OR a cool necklace, also by Three Peas in a Pod Photography.

If you like graphic, colorful jewelry and accessories, you’re going to LOVE this week’s prize!  Made by Lisa of Three Peas in a Pod  Photography and Frames, these accessories are unique and original, just like the rest of Lisa’s work.Check out Lisa’s fabulous photography and frames at her website: In order to win one of the great prizes, just comment on our Facebook prize of the week post – that’s it!  You’ll be entered to win!

Good luck!!


We have a winner! (Well, really 2 winners!)

Congratulations to Liz Knudsen and Tianna Montgomery – the very first winners of our weekly Bungalow Boutique contests! All they had to do to win was check out our Facebook page and comment. They each win a delicious caramel apple from V Chocolates, one of the many delicious Utah-made candies we sell at Bungalow Boutique. Come check out our wonderful selection of products for yourself – and the next time you see one of our contests on Facebook, be sure and comment. You could be the next luck winner!

Let the contests begin….

We’ve now reached our goal of 100 fans on our Facebook page!


To celebrate, we’re doing a little contest warm up.

Here’s how it works:


Check out our list of vendors at the left.

Choose the product that

you are most excited to see in person at the boutique.

Then comment on our Facebook page

and tell us which vendor’s product you’ve chosen.


We’ll choose 2 winners, and they’ll each win one of these**:

A delicious caramel apple from V Chocolate!

**The apples must be picked up at Bungalow Boutique in Heber by Tuesday, August 24th at 5:30 p.m.

Happy Shopping!!