Gift wrapping made simple

If you’re like me, you get really tired of wrapping presents at about this point in the holiday countdown.  I start feeling like an assembly line worker, and my packages start to reflect my lack of enthusiasm for the project at hand.  SO, I went looking for ideas to help perk up my packages without putting a further dent in the wallet (heaven knows the wallet has already taken quite a hit this month!).  And as always, I found that there are LOTS of creative people out there coming up with fun ways to embellish gifts on a budget.  Look at some of these ideas!  Can you believe how pretty and simple they are?!  These first pictures come from the ever-so-creative folks at design*sponge.  Don’t you love how they use things you might actually have lying around the house?

A great way to use up bits of ribbon and pieces of broken jewelry! And how about this idea using nothing but pieces of string, ribbon, jute and paper –

Here are a couple of  ideas from Real Simple that are super cute – so bright and fun!

And leave it to Martha to come up with an idea for you knitters and crocheters  who have been wondering what to do with all that extra yarn –

Okay, I’ll admit that it’s not likely that many of us have giant sparkly numbers and letters just lying around, but if you do – wohooo!! How gorgeous is this package? (Again, from design*sponge)

And last, but not least, I think this one wins the prize for simple but adorable packaging –

I don’t know about you – but I feel inspired!  And I’d love to see pictures of your favorite ideas!


One thought on “Gift wrapping made simple

  1. I love the gift wrapped in sheet paper–that’s adorable! It would be a nice change from my normal wrapping routine of taping shut the top of the plastic store bag and writing the recipient’s name in sharpie.

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