As promised – sweet little boot socks tutorial

A week or so ago I shared with you a picture of these cute little boot socks and promised I’d be back to show you how to make them.

Well, I’m back with the super-easy tutorial.  If you can crochet (which I admit I can barely do), then you can whip up a pair (or two, or four) of these cute boot socks.

First gather up the couple of supplies you’ll need:  basically a pair of knee socks, crochet yarn in a coordinating color (I used a medium weight sport yarn), and a Sharp crochet hook.  I got one of these nifty little hooks from my daughter Rachel for Christmas, and I finally decided to give it a test run!


I know you’re probably wondering what the CD is for.  No, it’s not to learn how to make bread dough in my new food processor (at least not right now!).  It’s to hold the top of the sock stretched out so that the yarn has enough give in it to go around your calf.  Otherwise these wouldn’t be boot socks – they’d be ankle socks!

First of all, I inserted the CD cover into the top of one of the socks.  I figured that would stretch it out well enough to make sure the yarn could stretch adequately when it was pulled up.  Then I crocheted the first row, using the Sharp crochet hook and these instructions:

R1: Sc through top of sock every 1/4″.  (This is where the Sharp crochet hook comes in handy – it’s so tiny, and pointed, and it glides in easily through the stretchy part of the sock cuff.)

Once the first row was done, I removed the CD cover and crocheted the next two rows using a size F crochet hook.

R2: *in the same st: dc, ch 2, dc, sk2, st* repeat

R3: *in the ch 2 loop do 4 sc, ch 4 and sl st in first ch* repeat.

Voile!  Three simple rows of crochet in each sock, and you’re done!  I think these would be really cute using a finer yarn and crocheting on the top of some little girls socks.



My kind of crochet project – quick and easy!