About Us

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! The Bungalow Boutique is a charming little shop (if we do say so ourselves) located in a historic pioneer home on Main Street in scenic Heber, Utah. We feature gorgeous furniture, accessories, high end clothing, home decor, and handcrafted treasures created by local craftsmen selling trendy, fresh, and inspiring arts and crafts. We’d love for you to also visit the Bungalow’s online sister site, BB Daily Deals, which offers fantastic store items twice a week at a deep discount!

Bungalow Boutique Heber City, Utah

This blog is a fun spot for us at the boutique to share our handmade projects, inspirational ideas, favorite products, and decor tips and tricks. We are a mother-daughter team with a background in interior design, handmade crafts, and all things stylish and trendy.

Kathleen is the owner of The Bungalow Boutique. She is an interior designer, mother of 5, and grandmother of 5 little cuties. She loves to sew, quilt, decorate her home, and hunt down great new design ideas.

Rachel is a crocheter, blogger, and mom of 1 little pest. She is the owner of Maybe Matilda, an online shop of stylish crochet patterns and handmade accessories, and also blogs at Maybe Matilda about crochet, sewing, DIY home decor, and frankly, whatever strikes her fancy.


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