Lacee Clayburn

I’m a work at home wife to my wonderful husband of 8 years and mom of 2 beautiful children, a 2 1/2 year old boy and a 6 month old girl.  I’ve been an independent publishing consultant for Heritage Makers ( for 5 years now and I absolutely love it. I love the product, love the experience, love the Heritage Makers team and values.  My main product is Heritage Makers products, i.e. hardbound/softbound/spiral bound storybooks, greeting cards & invitations, playing card decks, wrapped canvases, scrapbook pages, posters, business supplies, etc.

For Bungalow Boutique I make wood block sets, tiles, and custom ordered wrapped canvases for every day and holidays to decorate the home, perpetual magnetic and dry erase calendars, Family Home Evening charts, menu charts, and felt flowers for the hair.

Stop by and check out my products at Bungalow Boutique, and visit my website at  I look forward to saying hello!


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