Your hair is like…..bricks

When my third son was in 1st grade, one of the little projects his teacher had the students make was a fill-in-the-blank book for Mother’s Day.  It had sweet little phrases like “I love my mom because her eyes are like ___________”; “I love my mom because she feeds me _____________”.  And of course, the children would fill in the blanks and draw little pictures.

I loved my “I Love My Mom Because” book from Jake.  It was sweet, and childish, and funny.  My favorite line, though, which always brings a laugh when any of our kids are flipping through the scrapbook stuff, is  “I love my mom because her hair is like… bricks”   Yep.  That’s the best he could come up with. Bricks.

Maybe that was the start of my fondness for bricks – I don’t know for sure.  But whatever the origins,  I really appreciate the texture, the warmth, and the grounded feel that bricks bring to a house. Especially in the form of exposed brick walls.  I absolutely LOVE them, and I’ve always wanted an exposed brick wall in one of my houses.

Isn’t this beautiful?!  So much more personality than a painted wall.


This bedroom is so soft and frilly looking….until you add in that brick wall. Then it becomes more than just frills.  The brick adds  substance, and texture, and loads of interest.


And the rooms with exposed brick walls don’t always have to look rustic, either, as evidenced by this room.


This bedroom has a real industrial-vibe going, thanks in part to the exposed piping holding up the light fixture, but also due to the exposed brick wall.


And I’m not such a purist that I can’t enjoy painted brick.

niteowl06: West Elm office space, 2x2 desk


Look at the incredible exposed brick wall in this trolley-depot-made-into-a-house.  Gorgeous!


Sigh.  One of these days I’ll get my exposed brick wall, but until then, I’ll just drool over these pictures for a while longer….


I have a cure for your bare-wall-blues!

Have you ever wandered around your house bemoaning the fact that your walls are boringly bare?  If so, do I have a cure for you (and your boring walls)!  We’ve recently added the fabulous artwork of Bob Borque and his daughter Jess Nicole to our line-up of great home decor items.  Bob paints lovely landscapes and Jess is into more modern types of art.  They even have beautifully framed photographs.  Both Bob and Jess do fantastic work, and you can see their pieces right here at Bungalow Boutique.  We’ll give you a sneak peak here on the blog, but to do their art justice, you really need to see it in person.