Turn printed photos into canvas-mounted works of art

Today I’m sharing a super easy way to turn regular photo prints into canvas-mounted beauties like this:

Here’s what it takes:

Photo in size of your choosing – just make sure you choose a size that you can find an art canvas to fit.

Art Canvas – I bought mine at Hobby Lobby in 2 packs, but you can also find them at JoAnn Fabrics and other craft stores.

ModPodge – a 16 0z. bottle was enough to do six of these 16 x 20 prints, with a little leftover.

Scrapbook paper for the edges

2 Sponge brushes – one for the ModPodge and one for the paint

Craft paint in your choice of color

Now that you’ve got everything pulled together, here are the steps:

Cut scrapbook paper into strips to match the depth of your canvas.  I found it was best to cut the paper just a smidgeon smaller than the depth of your canvas.  Coat the sides of your canvas and the backs of your scrapbook strips with ModPodge.  Glue the strips to the sides of the canvas, overlapping the strips when you have to start with a new piece.  Allow the paper to dry.

Okay, I forgot to take a picture of this next step, but you can imagine it, right?  Coat the top of the canvas and the back of your photo with ModPodge.  Carefully line up your photo with the edges of the canvas.  I found that mine didn’t line up perfectly, probably because the canvas wasn’t exactly square.  Don’t fret though, it’ll all work out in the end.  Those small edges of white canvas that show up here and there will be covered by the paint effect you put on later.

At this point, I turned my canvas over, print-side down, and rubbed the back of the canvas to make sure the photo was totally adhered to the canvas.Turn right side up, and let dry completely.

Coat the sides and top of the canvas totally with ModPodge.  I freaked out a little at this point, because I was nervous I was ruining my beautiful prints, but not to worry!  ModPodge is magic, and when it’s dry, it will look gorgeous.  Take my word for it!

After the ModPodge is completely dry,  sponge a little of your craft paint (I used brown to give it an aged look, but you could choose another color that coordinates with your photo) on the edges of the photo and in the corners.  I built the corners up with paint a little to give it an antique look. Allow paint to dry completely.

Hang on your wall and bask in all the compliments you get on your beautifully mounted pictures!