Great holiday decorating ideas via Pinterest

Are the rest of you as addicted to Pinterest as I am?  If so, you may have seen these ideas already.  If not, where have you been?

These are some of my favorite  holiday decorating ideas from Pinterest this week:

I love the rustic simplicity of these white painted pinecones.

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How about adding some bling to your chandelier?  So pretty!

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This idea is genius! Quadruple the sparkle power of your Christmas tree lights

by glueing two of these small mirrors back to back

with a fishline hoop between.  Hang inside your tree before

you add lights.  Smart!


Martha’s at it again!  How about hanging some lacy homemade snowflakes

outside your front door.  Instant Winter Wonderland!


Stencil a holiday message on the pages of your books,

then create a vignette by placing

them on a shelf with a few of your favorite holiday pieces…simple and sweet.

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Isn’t this adorable?!  I love how simply they’ve added some holiday cheer

to this room. You could get the same look

by covering a piece of canvas, or foam core,

or even cardboard with your favorite wrapping paper

and hanging in your child’s room.  So cute!

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There you have it – this week’s favorite pins.  If you’d like to see more favorites, follow Bungalow Boutique on Pinterest!