Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and spring gift and decor ideas

It’s that time of year when we need to pick up little gifts for moms, sweethearts, teachers, etc.  And we’ve got some great ideas to inspire your gift-giving.

How about these adorable charm necklaces and bracelets?  Only $8.00 – can’t beat ’em for a sweet little surprise gift.

These little wooden birds are so charming! And at only $1.75 a pop, you

can collect a whole flock!

Don’t you love these cute storage boxes?! Only $19.99 for the large green one,

and $12.99 for the cute brown one.

These colorful frames will wake you up from your winter blahs –  $28.00

Like a little glitter in your life?  Happy Easter glitter sign – $15.00

Hippity Hoppity sign – $12.00

How about a fun spring-y pillow to brighten up your sweetheart’s favorite chair?  $29.99

Okay – this one’s a little bit of a stretch for a quick little gift, but it’s gorgeous

and we couldn’t help bragging about it –  a stunner of a painted starburst mirror.  $159

There you go – lots of fabulous ideas to rev up your gift and spring decor shopping!

You’re welcome!


Sneak peek at our upcoming Mother’s Day Event

Hopefully you’ve all got Saturday, April 30th circled in big red marker on your calendars.  If you don’t, run and grab your marker and do it right now!  Because you’ll be so sad (and so will we!) if you miss our awesome Mother’s Day event that day.

Here’s a little peek at what we’ve got in store for you:

  • FREE chair massages from licensed massage therapist Sarah Cummings.
  • FREE makeovers from make-up artist and skin care consultant Brandi Muhlestein
  • Affordable make-it-and-take-it crafts for the little ones.  We’ll keep your little ones busy so you can shop!
  • Mother’s Day gift registry.  Register for that perfect Mother’s Day gift, and we’ll email your choice to your hubby!
  • Exciting fashion show brought to you by Dear Katlin.  Come join the fun and see all their great spring fashion ideas!
  • FREE raffle prizes all day long!
So come on in and join in the fun.   And bring your girlfriends, moms, neighbors, sisters – everybody’s welcome!  We’ll be watching for you –  April 30th, 10:30 to 5:30.

Mark your calendars ladies!

Ladies, you will definitely want to circle these two dates in big red marker on your calendars:  April 2nd and April 30th.  What’s up, you ask?  Well, only the two biggest events of the year at Bungalow Boutique!  On April 2nd we’ll be holding our Ladies’ Night Out – “Spring Fling”, where you’ll be privy to discounts, demonstrations, and dessert.  And on April 30th we’ll hold our marvelous  Mother’s Day event – “It’s All About Mom”.  It’s going to be a day full of pampering for ladies of all ages, including portrait sessions with KWelch Design Photography, 10-minute chair massages, makeovers, essential oil demonstrations, and get this – it’ll be capped off with a spring fashion show!  Watch for more information here on our blog, on our Facebook page, and in special emails.  (Make sure you’re on our email list!)  Can’t wait to see you at Bungalow Boutique’s two exciting events!