Picture gallery wall got you stumped?

I’ve been wanting to put a picture gallery wall up at my house for some time.  Heaven knows my poor wall could certainly use some jazzing up!


I was a little nervous about ending up with a hodge-podge of pictures that just looked like a lot of clutter.  My conclusion was that in order to end up with a clean, organized look, I needed to go with pictures that were edited with the same color scheme, and choose frames that were all the same style and color – and cheap, since I was buying 16 of them!  (Thank you Ikea!)  I think these white Ribba frames were just the ticket.


It was a little tricky to figure out the size and placement of the frames.  My solution was to make a piece of graph paper that equaled the size of the wall.  I found a free site that allowed me to change the dimensions of the graphs to match my wall space.  Then I got busy cutting out pieces of paper to match the size of my frames, and moving them around on the graph paper until I ended up with a configuration that I was happy with.

Next came the fun part – translating what was on the paper to the wall!  First I laid out the frames on the floor to make sure I liked the configuration in real life.

Then I measured the dimensions of all of the pictures together.  In order to keep from pictures in a straight line, I taped two pieces of yarn to the wall along the top edge and the bottom edge.  It made it so much easier to make sure things were lined up properly.

After that, it was smooth sailing!  Just got out the old hammer and nails and went to work.


I’m pretty happy with my gallery wall.   What do you think?