5 Stylish Ideas for Kids

In some ways,  I feel like having my 2-year old son is low-pressure compared to what having a daughter would be. Toss him in jeans and a t-shirt, and he’s dressed to the nines. But a little girl? More is expected. Is her outfit sufficiently ruffly? Has her hair been brushed/pigtailed/curled? Does she have a matching accessory in her hair? Is it nearly as big as her head, like a miniature toddler satellite dish? Does her look radiate pink and sparkle and glitter in a 2-foot radius?

I told you. Boys are low pressure.

But they also come with fewer cute options when it comes to shopping and dressing . . . the cute stuff is out there, but it isn’t as accessible or easy to find.

Either way, dressing toddlers of the frilly or butch persuasion can be a delight if you have a few fun ideas in mind for how to go about it. Here are 5 adorable items that I think would be sweet as pie on any little mini. And with Christmas around the corner, now’s a great time to start thinking about what the littles in your life might be receiving!

5. Personalized sweatshirt

There’s something adorable and cozy and just so dang sweet about a little guy racing around in a hoodie sweatshirt. I love it. And this personalized version from Patches and Puppies on Etsy just adds to the cuteness with an appliqued star on the front side, and Jr.’s name in fun modern fabrics on the back.

4. Shirred Legwarmers with a Bow

If you know how to sew, you ought to tackle an adorable project for the little ones in your life this Christmas . . . and these little legwarmers are a stylin’ place to start! You can find the detailed instructions to make these yourself over at Simply Homemade!

3. Bow Tie + Suspender Onesies

Just because your little man is young enough to still be dropping twosies in his onesie doesn’t mean he can’t be a dapper fellow. These fun onesies from Swanky Shank on Etsy are a great way to dress up your handsome little gentleman!

2. Felt Flower Headband

Don’t be intimidated by this DIY project—only minimal skills are necessary to put together this adorable little headband! Find the tutorial over at iCandy Handmade!

1. Couture Booties

For the sweetest of the sweet, the cutest of the cute, the fanciest of the fancy, only teensy couture booties will do. These are available now on BB Daily Deals and are available in a variety of adorable fabrics and finishes, like leopard, pink leopard, zebra, and feathers or flowers. I don’t even have a girl but . . . I just bought a pair. Don’t tell my husband.

Go check them out at BB Daily Deals!

What are some stylish items you’d love for your little ones to wear?