Fresh new vendors at BB

Oooh, I think I’m in love!!  Have you ever seen such an adorable and spunky little princess?  I can think of two sweet little granddaughters who would be thrilled to pieces to receive this doll and book combo.  Our newest vendor, Once Upon A Time Design sells the cutest combinations of books and plush toys.  She has just started setting up her space, so right now there are only a handful of these book/toy sets, but there’s more on the way, and I can’t wait to see them!  The books are colorful, large, and fun to read, and the plush toys match the books.  What a great idea!  Just wait ’til you see  how cute they are!  Here’s another example:

And the boys aren’t left out either.  She sells Stars Wars pop-up books combined with Star Wars DVDs.  I think my Christmas shopping just got a little easier!

We are really excited about our second new vendor, Mandy from Sage Old Wisdom.  Mandy sells green (the environmental kind, not the color kind!)  cloth diapers and cleaning products.  Busy moms are going to love Mandy’s beautiful 100% unbleached, cotton birdseye, hand dyed flat fold diapers, her 100% wool soakers, and her handmade fitted diapers made from printed flannel with snap-in soakers of hemp and stay dry microfleece.  Who knew diapers could be so stylin’!  Check ’em out: